"If Messi is the best on the planet, Ronaldo is the best in the universe. It would be a crime if Ronaldo did not win the Ballon d’Or."

- Jose Mourinho (his coach at Real Madrid)

"Of course I would give it to Iker because he is a guarantee as a goalkeeper and as a captain. He’s shown over the years that he’s the best in the World. But I would also say: how could I not give it to Cristiano? He’s a player who makes the difference and there is no one else like him."

- Sergio Ramos (teammate)

"People need to realise who Cristiano is. He is an exemplary professional who works harder than everyone else. No one ever doubts his love and his involvement in Madrid. It’s a lie to say that he is selfish. So what? Doesn’t boy have the right to be huffy one day? He has character, he is very blooded. We must accept and love him as he is, with his qualities and defects. And Cristiano has much more qualities than defects.

- Zinedine Zidane (football legend)m

I’d choose Cristiano over Messi because he’s a player who gives us so much every season and he’s a player I spend time with every day. I know him, who he is, know how he trains, know what he wants and where he wants to get to.

- Iker Casillas (captain of Real Madrid)

 I would give Ballon d’Or to Cristiano for his numbers, because he won the league and was so close to Euro final. He has an exceptional 2012.

- Alvaro Arbeloa (teammate)

Cristiano is the best.

- Rafael Nadal (tennis player)

"At the moment it seems as if he’s capable of breaking any record he wants to break. He can single-handedly decide games and I think that he deserves to win the Ballon D’Or."

- Jose Santamaria (former Real Madrid defender)

"Therefore, I would vote for Cristiano Ronaldo. He is someone who can win matches for you in many different ways, from varying situations in attack. He deserves to win it again."

- Roberto Carlos (former Real Madrid player)


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